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February 10, 2013
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As many of you may know, there are times and things in this world that we will experience, when it would have been better if we just stayed home.

Like in the instance of being chosen as another's valentine, when you’d rather be friends. You wouldn’t be in this situation if you had just skipped that blasted day dedicated to love.

Or in the middle of a dark forest and you hear static or rapid drum beats.  This fate could have been avoided, if you had remained in your living room and knit. Not running blindly through the woods and yelling “NO, PLEASE! I NEED FIVE MORE NOTES! OH GOD! NO!”

Then they are the times when you would’ve have isolated yourself in bedroom, if you were informed on what that day would hold.

Going to be embarrassed in front of the class?

Fake sickness.

Your boss going to take their repressed anger out on you?

Have a YouTube marathon.  

Might be strangled by a raging snake man in the middle of nowhere?

Don’t even get out of bed.

You know, just maybe.

The strong coils of his certainly lethal tail tightened dramatically, cutting off all of the air from your lungs.  You gasped and sputtered, struggling against the scaly appendage that was wrapped around your throat.

He slammed you against the firm, unforgiving bark of the tree. You winced at the slow pain spreading through your core, your back, and your feet, his serpentine friends nipping at you with long, serrated fangs.

His emerald green eyes sparked and flashed with such anger, you wouldn’t be surprised if you burst into flames. Above them sat a pair of caterpillars-excuse me-eyebrows, that were as thick as your wrist.  

A long, serpent –like tongue flicked out of lips, untamed golden blonde hair swirling in the wind. His upper half was completely exposed; lean muscles flexing and unflexing as he clenched his fists over and over.  

Bringing you forward, his pale face was merely inches from yours. An angry hiss passed his lips, forked tongue tasting the air. With his mouth curved into a sneer, incisors exposed, it would be a sickening understatement to say you were terrified.  

“You humans,” He drug out the s on humans, perhaps an implication of his reptile like qualities. “Are selfish,selfish creatures. Trespassing on the land that we own.”

“I…Didn’t…know.” You wheezed, pulling against his tail with all your might. “No…one… said.”

Lies,” He hissed. “The kingdom has strict borders where you idiots can’t go.”

He meandered his body to see every part of you, twirling around you as his little buddies looped up your arms.

A particular vicious one sank his fangs into your arm, making you cry out in pain.

“Not…from here,” You tried, a few tears leaking out.  The intake of your breath was growing smaller and smaller each time, black dots appearing in the sides of your vision. “Didn’t know...”

He narrowed his eyes to the tiniest of slits, a rough snarl still etched upon his lips. “I can kill you, stupid human.” He snarls, pure malevolence as the only feeling you could detect. “I can kill you right here, right now. All it takes is one,” he took your chin in his hand, clasping it with the strength of a constrictor. “Little. “



Those words.

Those very words seemed to astound the demon, his eyes snapping back into proportion.  His lips seemed to form an ‘O’ shape, the pressure around you slowly releasing. You fell to the ground, the man reeling back a bit in shock.

You gulped in air like a dying fish, sucking in as much as you could in the span of a short few seconds.  

You probably would have kicked him, if you could have. Or ran. You should have ran.

But you didn’t.

You did none of the badass or cowardly thing syou could have. You did the only thing your brain could handle at the moment.

You fainted.

**********************~I’m a little time skip short and stout-~***********************

It was probably the scent of burning mouse flesh that brought you back to your senses.

The freezing cold floor practically burned your skin with its sheer sub-zeroness, making you jolt awake. You bolted off the floor of what appeared to be a cave, your heart practically slamming itself against your rib cage.

Laying a shaky hand over the rapidly beating organ, you tried to make sense of where you were.

How did I-

“Good, you’re awake.”


The serpent steadily slithered toward you, tail swishing behind him. In his hand he held a bowl of steaming…something. He sat it down in front of you, an uncomfortable look on his face.  It was a murky gray, some fuzz floating on the top.

“My brother had some leftover Ratoullie. I won’t touch the stuff, but I thought you might like it.” He said, his voice soft.  His speech had a strange accent to it, an almost soothing sound.

You peered at the broth, cautiously touching the fluff. “Is that…rat fur?”

“Of course. What else would you put it in it?”

Feeling your stomach flip, you pushed the steaming liquid away. “No thanks.”

“Oh. Not hungry, I see.”

An awkward silence filled the gap between you two, you staring at the floor, and him at the wall above you.

“Why am I here?” You asked, your eyes still trained upon a very interesting piece of rock.

“I couldn’t leave you out there.” He replied n a monotone.  “My family take great pleasure in eating the flesh of your kind. Especially idiotic ones like you. They like to think they’re doing your race a favor, plucking of the stupid humans who believe they own the world.”  

“This stupid human has a name, you know.”

“Like it matters.” He scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You all look and act the same.”

“Well, excuse me, . Mr. Snake man,” You spat. “I’m sorry I entered your ‘evil lair of doom.’ I didn’t mean to.  It was a mistake. Do you know what those are? Mistakes? Are you allowed to make them, or are you just that perfect?”

“And, if I remember correctly, I didn’t ask you to save me. If I’m such a burden, then I’ll just leave.”

You promptly stood, starting for the entrance.

Your vision blurred violently, your eyesight now comparable to those of a cross-eyed possum.  Your head suddenly felt light, as if someone had filled it with helium instead of oxygen. You toppled forward, bracing for impact.

It never came.

You opened your (e/c) eyes to find jade staring back, strong arms around your waist.

“You were bit,” He said, pointing to a wrapped part of your arm. “By a copperhead, to be exact.  I drew out the venom the best I could, and cleaned the wound. But you will feel weak for a couple days.”

You squirmed in his grip, remembering that he was shirtless.

Noticing your discomfort, he carefully set you down, a small blush dusting his cheeks.

Looking to your arm, you shakily removed your bandage.

What you saw nearly made you faint all over again.

It was swelled to the size of an orange, purple and black bruising covering it. Clear liquid oozed from the top, causing you to gag in response.

The blonde nodded, quickly slinking back to where some gauze and disinfectant sat.

You blinked, oddly unnerved by the sight. A demon playing doctor? “Where did you get those?”

The hint of a smirk appeared on his lips, sliding back over. “You’d be amazed at how many pharmacists get lost in these woods.”

You sat silently in front of him, awkward still potent in the atmosphere.  You winced as the antiseptic washed through the bite. He quickly recovered the wound, pressing lightly.

You watched him curiously, mesmerized by how gentle he seemed at the moment.

“Why are you doing this?”

The monster hesitated for a moment, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. He let a breath, running his fingers through his hair anxiously. “You treated me like I an equal.” He said in a hurried tone.


“When you said you were sorry!” He cried, exasperated.  “No one’s ever…said that to me…honestly. Most people treat me like…it’s my fault that they can’t follow the rules. That it’s my fault that they get eaten by us. They treat me like I’m some kind of killing machine, hell-bent on killing them off. Which I’m not, mind you. I’m just trying to stick to the social norm.”

“Social norm?”

“If a Naga passes onto human territory, they are killed immediately. Why shouldn’t it be the same?”

You turned the thought over in your mind, taking this in slowly. “Wait a second. If you think us humans are so despicable, why would you care if we treated you the same?”

“Just because we’re superior to you, doesn’t mean we don’t want to be seen as more a freak of nature,” He replied, cool green irises watching you.

You absorbed what you had been told the best you could,  admittedly feeling a little strange. But also, a little sad.

Poor thing, he just wants someone treated like he matters. Even if he did almost kill me…

You let out a breath, quietly shaking your head. “How long until I feel better?”

He tilted his head to the side, as if confused. “Maybe…a week?” He tried, playing with his hands. “Either a week or two.”

You sighed dejectedly, finally just holding out your hand. “Well, I’m going to be here a while. Better get to know each other, am I right?”

“Name’s (Y/N) (L/N, idiotic human. And you are?”

He stared at your hand for a longtime, blush returning. “I- don’t have one.” He said, embarrassment etched upon every feature.

You furrowed your eyebrows together, thinking. “What if I gave you one? How does the name…‘Arthur’  sound?”

His eyes snapped to yours, a new, happy light dancing in them.

“It’s perfect,” he breathed.

Maybe you should have stayed home that day.

But it didn’t matter what you should have done.

Because right now, as you watched the rapidly spazzing Naga sing his new name over and over, you were truly and honestly happy.

And that’s all that matters, right?
For kdsnewyork.

Have any of you ever been writing, and you really want to get to one part but you have to do other stuff first?

I hate that.

But, I enjoyed this request a lot. It was fun ^_^

Slender reference? Anyone?
Is it still cool to make those?
Was it ever cool?

England belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to yourself.
My storyline.

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